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We have ample experience with organiszing online and face-to-face GMAT courses in the Netherlands. We're also officially accredited by the CRKBO. With this accreditation, you can be sure that we will give you a great preparation for your GMAT.

Mindful GMAT: Face-to-face

Since 2009, we have been helping out over 3000 students with personal GMAT courses at our sister organization Mindful GMAT.

GMATcursus.nl: online

Our online course is based on our experience with personal GMAT courses. Many students indicated that they like to watch the videos at home during their studies. In addition, the online course allows to practice on your own level and to keep track of your progress.

CRKBO accreditation

We are a certified Dutch Educational Institute with an accreditation in the Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO). We are proud of that! See the FAQs for more info.

Instructors Mindful GMAT

The GMAT teachers at our sister organization Mindful GMAT have helped to develop our online GMAT course. They have years of experience with teaching personal GMAT classes. Our course developers have specifically incorporated important obstacles that they have experienced with their own GMAT students. All of our course developers have an MSc in Econometrics or Mathematics.

See the website of Mindful GMAT for their profiles.


We have over four years of experience with training over 1500 GMAT students at his GMAT institute Mindful GMAT. Our founder attained a perfect 800 GRE score himself. He received his PhD, MSc and BSc Econometrics “cum laude” and won several prizes for his PhD thesis “Vertical Relations in Cartel Theory”. He has been teaching economics and mathematics at the UvA and Nyenrode.


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